"Rockstar" Chris Cole




Name: "Rockstar" Chris Cole
Height: 6'
Weight: 215lbs
Birthdate: 5-20-1980

Hometown: Detroit Rock City by way of Moncton, NB Canada
Signature Moves: #1 with a Bullet (brainbuster)
The Rockstar Chris Cole Experience (Pumphandle Suplex)
Cole Clutch (Ne-Han [Full-nelson Camel Clutch])
Cole Shoulder (Back-side Slam)
T-Bone Suplex
Spinning Back Elbow
Half-nelson Suplex
Diving (80's Style) Fist Drop
Top Rope Elbow Drop

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Professional Info
Promotions worked for:
A.C.W. (All-Canadian Pro-Wrestling)
Pro-Wrestling RAGE
I.H.W.. (Innovative Hybrid Wrestling)

N.W.H./A.W.A. - N. A. (New Wrestling Horizons/American Wrestling Affiliates - North Atlantic
N.A.W.A. (North Atlantic Wrestling Association)
I.W.E. (Independent Wrestling Entertainment)
P.A.W. (People's Atlantic Wrestling)
A.L.A. (Association de Lutte Acadienne)
E.C.P.W. (East Coast Pro Wrestling)
C.G.P.W. (Canadian Grand-Prix Wrestling)
A.C.W.A (All-Canadian Wrestling Association)

Titles Held:
I.W.E. Twin Cities Championship - 04/04/09 (Johnny Primer) to 07/11/09 ("The Real" J.J.B.)
I.H.W. iChampion (self proclaimed) - 06/27/10 (XXL) to 07/25/10 (XXL)

I.W.E. Feud of the Year 2009 vs. Johnny Primer
I.W.E. Most Looked Forward to for 2010

Places worked:
    New Brunswick
    Nova Scotia
United States

Atlantic Wrestling School (Moncton, NB)
    Instructor: "Big" Stephen Petitpas
        Sessions with:
            Kingman/Brody Steele
            René Dupré

Wildman Academy (Halifax, NS)
    Instructor: "Wildman" Gary Williams
        Sessions with:
            Scott Savage
            Tony Armstrong
            Lincoln Steen
            Buddy Lane

Maritime Wrestling School (Moncton, NB)
    Instructors: "Wildman" Gary Williams
                        and Brody Steele
        Sessions with:
            "Kowboy"/"Hangman" Mike  
            Tony Armstrong

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